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Container Gardening – The Perfect Solution for Small Garden Design

Posted by admin on Nov 3, 2010 under container gardening, small garden design

“>If you think you don’t have room for a garden, think again!  One of the most popular and best ways to have create a small garden design despite space limitations is container gardening.  No matter how restrictive your gardening area, you can always find room for a few containers.
railing planter for small garden design
There are an endless variety of containers that you can use for container gardening.  Do you have a deck with railing?  Try railing planters for planting flowers or herbs.

Create an interesting container garden arrangement using a number of small containers.  Conserve on space by displaying your containers using a wooden step ladder.  You can paint the ladder or leave as is and arrange your small garden design on the ladder rungs.

Depending on the amount of space you have, try finding an older style ladder with rungs on either side.  You can create shelves by placing a board across a set of rungs and screwing the board in place, then arrange containers on the shelves.

What about hanging planters?  Hanging planters is a great way to display colorful flower displays in a limited space.  Have some wall space you can use?  There are a variety of wall planter options to choose from for displaying your containers.

Depending on your space, container gardening is also a great way to recycle home items.  Let you imaginations go – old buckets, tea kettles, ice buckets, chipped glassware bowls, wagons or wheelbarrows, old shoes or boots.  As long as the item is weather resistant, it has potential for use in a container garden.

Be sure when choosing plants for your containers or containers for your plants, that you make sure you consider the amount of root space each plant will need.  Pots will constrict the size of the plant, so make sure you choose your pots accordingly.

There is no limit to the plants you can put in containers.  User trellises for climbing plants, plant containers with flowers, roses, herbs, and vegetables.  Combine different plant types for an interesting look.  Space is no longer an excuse to hold you back from the garden you’ve always wanted.

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