Small Garden Design Tips

Creating and enjoying a garden even in the smallest of spaces

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Dress up your dinner plate with flowers from your small garden.

“>Hanging Nasturtium - edible flowers for small gardens

Can the flowers you grow do double duty?  If you plant edible flowers, enjoy them as they grow in your garden and then use them to dress up your dinner plate too!

Are you growing chives in your small herb garden?  Then you already have edible flowers to add to your culinary creations.  Chive blossoms can be used in salads and vinegars.  Pick the flower heads apart and add to a salad for a light onion flavor.

A common edible flower is Nasturtium.  Nasturtiums are easy to grow and incorporate into small garden designs.  They work well in hangers or containers.  The climbing variety lends well to a vertical format and they come in multiple colors – yellows, oranges, and reds.  I’ve added them to a dinner plate for great color and peppery taste.

How to know which flowers are edible?  You should always be careful before eating any flower. Check out this Edible Flowers Chart  for guidance.  You’ll find that rose petals, lilac, and lavender are other flowers that can be incorporated into your recipes.  Even the flowers of weeds have found their way into recipes…dandelion wine anyone?


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