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Peonies…a sign of spring.

Posted by admin on May 13, 2012 under flower garden design, small garden design

“>After the first bulbs of spring bloom – crocus, hyacinth, tulips, jonquil – the beauty of the peonies, a sure sign of spring Peonies for Spring Small Garden Designsbegin to bloom.   With their sumptuous flowers in colors ranging from white to yellow, light pink, dark pink and red, peonies are a perrenial favorite.

Peonies grow with lush foliage providing large blooms that are often fragrant.  They grow from 2 to 4 feet in height and provide booms that are great cut flowers.  With few pest, they make a great addition to any small garden design for adding blooms from spring to early summer.

Peonies love sunny areas and can survive for years undisturbed.  They usually require little to no maintenance, although they may need dividing if they become overcrowded.  At the end of the blooming season, cut down the foliage.  Because they’re perennials, the peonies will re-sprout and bloom the next season.

Notice ants on your peonies?  Whatever you do, don’t break out the insecticide or despair.  Ants are seem to be attracted to some peonies, especially the unopened blooms.  They won’t do harm.  Once the blooms open, the ants seem to go away.

Looking for more info on peonies?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions at the  Heartland Peony Society.

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