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Plant Bulbs in Autumn for a Spring Small Garden Design

Posted by admin on Oct 7, 2010 under flower garden design, small garden design

“>Now that autumn has officially arrived, as we think about readying our gardens for winter, we also need to give thought to our early spring small garden design.  It is time to plant early blooming spring flower bulbs such as crocus, tulips, hyacinth, jonquil, daffodil, and iris.

Planting bulbs in groups or clumps provides a natural looking effect.  You can achieve this natural effect by digging a large hole and placing several bulbs in the hole.  Try mixing multiple bulb types.  You can plant larger bulbs at the bottom of the hole, add a layer of dirt then plant the smaller bulbs.

Another method for creating a natural looking small garden design with bulbs is to take a handful of bulbs, toss them in the air and plant them where they land.  Rule of thumb for bulb planting depth…plant bulbs about three times deeper than the size of the bulb.

Planting bulbs in the early fall gives them time for root development.  The bulbs will develop over the winter and start sprouting in early spring.  Make sure you pick fresh, firm bulbs for healthy spring blooms.  When planting, remember to plant with the roots down and the nose of bulb up.

Now, with the autumn leaves turning and beginning to fall from the trees, it is the perfect time to start planting bulbs for an early blooming small garden design.

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