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Small Garden Design – An Autumn Pick Me Up

Posted by admin on Sep 25, 2010 under flower garden design, small garden design

“>It is now officially Autumn… Small Garden Design - Pansies

In the Northeast United States, this is usually the time for things to wind down when it comes to the garden.  With warm days and cool nights, many summer plants will start to die or go dormant.  But wait…there are lots of plants that can add color to your small garden design for the autumn or fall season.

This is the perfect time to spruce up your small garden design by planting some chrysanthemums or more commonly mums.  Mum come in a variety of vibrant colors like red, orange, maroon, purple, and pink.  Many people buy mums for the fall and plant them as if they were annuals.  They are perennials and can survive the winter, especially if well established before winter arrives.

Asters are another autumn bloomer and perennial.  Blooming from late summer into the fall, they are daisy-like flowers in white, purple, lavender, pink, and red.

Sedum, also known as stonecrop, is another hardy perennial that does well in cool weather.  There are hundreds of varieties and look good in rock gardens and flower borders.  There are trailing varieties that look good in hanging baskets.

Pansies are a favorite for cool weather.  Available in a wide variety of colors and while they look delicate, they are actually very hardy.  Pansies will provide beautiful color to your small garden design well past the first frost.  Use pansies in hangers, containers, and as edging.

Marigolds may be one of the most versatile flowers.  They are easy to grow, range in color from yellow to deep orange/red.  Plant marigolds in the spring.  They bloom throughout the summer and will into the fall.  Remove the dried seed heads to keep the plants blooming through the seasons.  You can save the dried seed heads and plant the seeds the following season.

When planning a small garden design that blooms from spring to late fall, consider incorporating some of the plants mentioned for a vibrant pick me up during autumn.

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