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Sticky: Small Garden Design – Space is not a Limitation

Posted by admin on Jun 28, 2013 under small garden design

“>Small Garden Design,

Have you always dreamed of having a garden, but thought you didn’t have enough space?   Its time to think again…with a small garden design you can enjoy gardening, even in the smallest of spaces.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, row house, or just have a small yard, there is always space to create a small garden.  Your only limitation is your creativity!

Have you always wanted to grow flowers, roses, vegetables, or herbs?  All of these are possible with a small garden design. Whether its container gardening on a small deck, patio, or table top, vertical gardening to overcome the limitations of space or carving out an area in a small backyard, you can brighten up your outdoor space with a small garden design.

Not sure where to start?  That’s where Small Garden Design Tips comes in…here we’ll explore tips and ideas for small garden designs.  Please also share your tips and ideas.


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