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Unique Plants for Your Small Garden Design

Posted by admin on Jun 5, 2011 under container gardening, small garden design

“>After a very rainy May in the eastern USA, I have finally gotten my gardens and containers planted.  In addition to planting some usual favorites, I’m trying some new plants…at least new to me.

Solamum pyracanthum
Porcupine Tomato

The most unique plant I’ve added to my collection…a Solanum pyracanthum or “porcupine tomato”.  Orange thorns coming out of the green leaves drew me to this unique plant.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

This plant takes full sun – great for my patio – and flowers with electric blue blooms.  Can you imaging how the electric blue blooms will look with the orange thorns?  I just had to buy one to see what it will look like in bloom.  Once it blooms I will post some images.

Unsure if this plant can take the east coast winter, I’ve planted it in a small container.  This way I can bring it indoors over the winter and will hopefully have it for my garden next year.

If you’ve grown a porcupine tomato, I’d love to hear your experiences with this plant.

What’s the most unique plant you’ve added to your small garden design this year?


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